Woman That Was Gang Raped, Faces Cane

This woman was commiting adultery, with a married man. Someone found out about it and an angry mob was stirred up. Said mob forced their way into this man’s home, he was tied up and beaten, she was gang raped. Then the attackers dumped sewage on them.

While the authorities there did arrest 3 of the rapists on the spot, (the rapists dragged the couple to the police station because what they already did to the couple was not enough for them. Oh no, after all of that they wanted to see them face the Sharia court) a handful of others fled, they are still on the run. These rapists/attackers apparently will face some sort of lawful retribution. Only time will tell how that pans out, usually for some twisted ass backward ideologies this is always not the case. I wonder what penalties they will face…if any.

The raped woman and the married man who did commit adultery, under their law our ours, now face the prospect of being caned for their crime. The Sharia law there will ignore everything that happened to them already apparently, which is in my mind a humanistic atrocity. Is there no room for compassion with these people? Is there no sense of enough is enough already? Is there only the strictest hardline form of oppression on the planet instead? This is what some days makes me feel ashamed to be human. Injustices like these commited against the common people.

Such a just society Islam. I really do not think I will ever understand where these people are coming from, and x-ianity fares no better. The well known bloody, murderous ways of all religions I wrote about here: http://wp.me/p3z3rd-Xu  What prompted the rapists/attackers to take the law into their own hands? Religion. What made them think raping this woman was ok? Religion. What do people of all stripes turn to to justify the terrible acts they commit? Religion. What has no place in a modern society, endorsing barbarous acts, being used to incite murderous rampages and atrocities everywhere? Religion.

Story here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2621260/Widow-gang-raped-punishment-having-affair-married-man-Indonesia-caned-public-Sharia-law.html


14 thoughts on “Woman That Was Gang Raped, Faces Cane

  1. That is simply insane. Their desire to keep the law of their god overrides their humanity. What a shame!


    • The law of their god allows them to brutalize others… why wouldn’t they prefer that to more common sense law?


    • It is almost as if these people have a thirst for brutality. Or at least a severe lack of empathy, maybe a combination of both…

      There is no telling how many incidents similar to this we have heard nothing of. I am surprised they didn’t claim the woman was a witch, having so much power to seduce a man into adultery and rile a mob into a frenzy. That is some satanly witchly powers if I have ever seen any. /end sarcasm.


      • I believe the reasoning is similar to that employed by the christians during the inquisition. If the god is going to punish them for eternity, what does a short torment do?
        It’s sad


  2. Very sad. This is the type of indoctrination that happens especially when there is no separation of church and state. They are taught as children to dehumanize women and thus feel they have a right to treat her like an animal. In fact they probably treat animals better. The fact that any human can be made be turned into something that would dehumanize somebody like this is also inhuman in my opinion and shows the type of blind faith that is the cornerstone of so many poorer countries that are under the rule of dictators who use religion to keep control over the people. The woman here is the human, those that did this to her are not. The fact that they believe they are is the fundamental problem.


    • That is what I have seen, a person’s religion allows/encourages them to think that they are better than everyone else. Because they are now special, and they have these magic books that say it is okay to do they nasty things they do, they elevate themselves to the position of justifiable anything…


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