More Hawks!


Got out today and manged a few pics throughout the day. This hawk doesn’t like to pose much, I was lucky to get a few broadside shots, unfortunately focus is proving difficult through my setup. Was windy today as well, the trees were swaying a bit, which made things interesting. 

I thought early on this morning perhaps there were babies in the nest as the hawk that is staying home to incubate was up and about, (I assume the female, but do not know this for sure, I have not heard of male hawks doing any incubating but must admit my ignorance on the issue)… but this hawk soon settled back in the nest and stayed there most of the day. I got one more decent shot (of many that were not so good) here:


I’d damn near order me a nice Canon DSLR but the last thing I want to do is add more debt to any of my credit cards. My wife has a pretty nice Olympus camera but it won’t quite get close enough as this through the telescope shooting I am doing. Perhaps with time I can get better with what I have 🙂

Will continue to get shots as I can, I want to become a semi regular thing out there so they can sort of adapt to me being there. Hopefully the little ones will be along soon.

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