Christian Love, It’s So Nice When It Shines

So, a girl 8 years old, who is a bit of a tomboy “defied biblical standards by looking like a boy.” So this fine school (Timberlake Christian School) told the grandparents (who apparently have custody of the child) to have the child dress and act more like a girl. Because of some moronic ass backwards smug ass x-ian principles. Damn but those people irritate me.

Why was her hair short? She had long hair to her waist, but she had it cut off for a child with cancer. 

I suppose it is important to note that the family (x-ians) decided to pull the child from this so called x-ian school on their own. The child was not forced to leave, but if you ask me, that is more like what I’d call a gray area. They had labled this child, and and singled her out for some good old fashioned x-ian love. Once you have been identified as some kind of x-ian misfit the odds are pretty good your standard of social acceptance is going to take a sharp nosedive at best, and single you out for all sorts of shunnings and other types of abuse at worst.

The grandparents made the right choice. The child will certainly be better off as far away from her previous school as she can get. 

3 thoughts on “Christian Love, It’s So Nice When It Shines

  1. This is taking stupid too far I reckon!


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