Jesus Seeds?


We had 20 minutes to kill after calling in a pizza order from Dominoes yesterday. The decision was made to hit the Dollar General for a few minutes, I needed razors for one thing, and grabbed shop shop rags while I was there. As I was wandering the aisles I went past the candy section. My first thought was “it’s friggin Easter already?” Then I saw these…

I looked at the bag, note where it says “Each packet wrapped in a promise of god.” I said out loud, and in no small voice “huh, I didn’t know god was available for that kind of stuff.” Being in the babble belt of Tennessee where the average shoe size is higher than the IQ you can bet your last 50 cents I got some strange looks. Ah well, I fear am moving well beyond that point where one gives a shit about such things.

Jesus seeds, I swear if someone had told me about this I would have doubted it. But I googled them this morning and went here:  Yes indeed folks, that ain’t all! There is all kinds of crappy candy with all kinds of religious messages for all kinds of occaisions. Head…meet desk.

2 thoughts on “Jesus Seeds?

  1. It is business and Jesus sells


  2. These products are also sponsored by the Christian Dentists Association of America. Free Jesus floss with every visit.


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