I Hope The Rest Of The Year Improves…

Started off the new year with the wife wrecking the car Jan 1 on her way to work. We think one of the brand new tires we just put on the car (drivers side, front) went flat, she veered across the oncoming lane of traffic (fortunately there was no one in that lane at the time) hit the ditch, followed the ditch a ways, then slammed into an embankment, that doubles as someones driveway across the ditch. Wife is fine…we think. Car is totaled.

Have been on the phone with tow companies, body shops, insurance adjusters, the rental car company, and all the while we have been dealing with some of the coldest temps to hit this area in years. Water froze up one morn in the wellhouse, but I got it thawed out in 20 min. In laws had their hot water go down, they have been coming over for showers, which is fine…that what family is for. The kids were supposed to go back to school Monday, but school has been closed due to the severe cold and winter weather threats, but that’s allright, they are our kids, we don’t mind having them around all day long 24/7…well actually school is sometimes a good vacation from the kids, we have had them now since back before the x-mas break. I could use a break.

Knowing how the insurance thing works, we may have another 2-3 days left with the rental car, once they settle and cut the check, we will be out of the rental car, unless we want to continue paying for it, and I have to get my oldest son back to Knoxville Saturday to report back to college. Which means we have to find a replacement car A.S.A.P. Which means I have been on the net researching cars for the last 2 days, and looking for a good deal on a used car out there. I think we will go used, probably get something 2-3 years old with 50-75k miles on it, and dodge the payment book this time. Last 2 cars were both new, both totaled over an 18 month span. Probably looking an increase in insurance premiums. 

Wife took off of work yesterday, because of neck pain (probably a good joke right there about being a pain in the neck, but I have to live here), she went to Dr. Dr. says go get an X-Ray, waiting to see what that holds in store, hopefully nothing and it will pass. Speaking of Dr.’s and insurance, I still need to find health insurance, sooner the better, but who has time?

I haven’t made a New Years resolution yet, but I think it will be hoping for things to turn around, quickly,  and get back to a normal level of discomfort. I hope everyones year is rolling along at a better clip than the one we are having here 🙂 Is it spring yet?






3 thoughts on “I Hope The Rest Of The Year Improves…

  1. Mine ain’t that busy as the one you just described and I hope all gets settled as soon as is humanly possible.
    All the best in the new year


    • Thanks Mak, and all the best to you as well. Hopefully once we get all of this car stuff straightened out things will settle down.

      At least the kids go back to school today, so we have that …and the in laws have their hot water back, which is good. Not that I mind them coming over. Temps are sliding back up over freezing for daytime highs. So things are already better today than they were yesterday. Finding a decent car on short notice is the biggest hurdle right now.


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