Gay Man Beaten, Robbed, Left To Die In His Store As It Was Set On Fire.

Not even 20 miles from where I live: or here:

This is why I am still under a pseudonym, and I’m just a damn left of center, liberal leaning atheist. This part of the country is just full of x-ians with bibles so far up their asses they would have to be surgically removed, and when grouped together they are a real threat to anyone or anything that goes against their supposed bible infused morality. You can bet your last dollar that 90% of these people around here feel like the guy had it coming. In the company of like minded RWCRFM’s (Right Wing Conservative Republican Fundamentalist Morons) they would even say things like “I’d like to shake the hands of those men that did this, what great men.”

RWCRFM’s make me sick. There are so many reasons why religion is detestable. But to use it as a justification for murder and mayhem has got to be at the top of the list. As far as I am concerned the perpetrators of this crime are terrorists. Religious fucking terrorists…

This is where I live…this isn’t across the ocean in some country that ends in “stan”, or some remote African village full of religious wackos, this is right down the road. I look at people like this, or people that would at least support the actions of those that commited this crime on a daily basis. They don’t look all that dangerous at first glance, but what lies beneath are vile creatures that know no sense of empathy, tolerance, or a just moral code. They work in banks, convenience stores, are cops and judges, and little old ladies that wouldn’t swat a fly. They shake your hand and greet you with a hello, and tell you to have a nice day. Oh, unless they have some biblical justification to hate you…then you see the veil of sugary sweetness fall, and their true nature is exposed. This is the kind of monster that religion spawns. These are my neighbors.

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