Dino Fossil Sold At Auction, To Be Displayed


This amazing fossil sold for $650,000. The good news is it will supposedly be displayed to the public, and not lost to some private collection, or relegated as a prop to some idiot creationist organization. I didn’t see any details on when or where it would be displayed, I sure as hell hope this doesn’t fall into the hands of AIG by some unknown quirk. Time will tell.


See here for why it is a bad thing for AIG to aquire genuine fossil specimens: http://pandasthumb.org/archives/2013/10/creation-museum-1.html  In other words an excellent specimen becomes lost to science, and the creationists use it as a prop to make absurd rationalizations, and even outright lies, about its origins.

I understand that when something becomes available on the free market, it is fair game for whomever has the deepest pockets. It is just such a shame that a fossil that holds so much potential for future study, can be lost to shameless organizations that would make a mockery of it. I hope in this case it remains preserved with integrity. At this point the only information on where it went is to an “unnamed institution”  Let’s hope for the best.

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