Methodist Pastor Officiates His Gay Son’s Marriage, Gets Suspension

First off congratulations sir. My hat is off to you. It takes balls to stand up and do the right thing, and maintain your convictions.

I gather there was some sort of church trial. Which I could imagine a bunch of pasty white smug pricks, all hot under the collar, fuming and all indignant over the issue, looking for someone to burn at the stake. Especially since our pastor Frank Schafer refused to back down, or show any remorse for his actions. 

Obviously this man so loved his son, that he sacrificed his profession, by showing the ultimate support for his child’s happiness. I am not real keen on religion, for many reasons, but in this case I say give this man a medal for standing up for what he believes in, despite the pressure from his old crony fellowship, and threats of defrocking.

2 thoughts on “Methodist Pastor Officiates His Gay Son’s Marriage, Gets Suspension

  1. such news is heartening. He will probably realize the folly of religion and maybe even a few members of the church and slowly the world will be freed from organised delusion


    • I almost said as much in this post Mak 🙂 We must be sharing the same wavelength today… Then I thought, that line of reasoning may be too optimistic. Decided to keep it short and sweet.


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