Blissful Ignorance

I remember being blissfully ignorant on many issues. Such as the fact that creationists are trying desperately to dumb down children by eliminating proper science from school texts, and attempting to inject their pseudo scientific pet “theory” of ID into classrooms. I remember being blissfully ignorant of over fishing, anti vaxxers, modern day extinction events, endangered species close to extinction events, global warming, shark finning, the crusades, the holocaust, holocaust deniers, tsunamis, dumb ass rednecks, hell I was even blissfully ignorant of sex when I was quite young. Though I have to admit that one gets a thumbs up.

If you, like me, remember these things that which you were blissfully unaware. Do not click this link:

Up until this morning I was blissfully unaware of the health crisis in Argentina, probably due to malicious misuse of agricultural chemicals. The amount of face palming/head desk moments in that article surprised me. The fact that the system is corrupt from the top down (I’d guess too much $ to be made to be concerned over a “few” sick people) does not surprise me at all. There is a large representation of the population world wide that believe that the companies they have stock in, should be allowed to trample all over the eco system, and if a few people die or get severely ill, that is of no consequence as long as there is money to be made.

I would so like to be blissfully unaware of those people…you know there are days I am ashamed to be a man, when I have read about the blatant mistreatment of women, then there are days like today I am ashamed to be human, to know that all of these things that which I was blisfully unaware, are allowed to continue, and prosper. They are selling out their own species all for a few pieces of gold. The fallout…acceptable losses.

2 thoughts on “Blissful Ignorance

  1. The problem with blissful ignorance is once you learn something you can’t unlearn it and you get to be disappointed by humanity at a global scale.


    • It’s a sad world we live in Mak. There are days I wish there was a BLIP (Blissful Ignorance Pill) That would make knowing these things that should not be, just fade away, so I could continue on without a care in the world. There is something to be said of blissful ignorance and innocence lost.

      The more I learn, the less I like it. Thanks for dropping by man.


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