American Adults Do Poorly On A World Wide Test

Which lends credence to my theory that many of the people I encounter are dumb asses.


Now look at this chart:


Now please note the correlation between the two. In the first chart Japan, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and Norway are the highest rankings in the test.(Australia is strangely absent from chart two)

The second chart indicates a ranking of countries that accept the facts of evolution. Please note that all of the countries in the first chart appear in the top 12 of the second chart. Except for Australia which has been noted.

The United States, is at least…consistent.  Now let me extrapolate a conclusion. The reason people would reject the facts on evolution would be perhaps based on religious values? Ok, no more beating around the bush. Religion makes you stupid. Oh, look, another chart!


Again, please note the correlation between the first two charts and this one. Nuff said, I am done here.

7 thoughts on “American Adults Do Poorly On A World Wide Test

  1. The greatest nation with the most stupid. That explains why America seems to have endless problems


    • If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny…

      Good to see ya Makagutu. 🙂


      • Good post my friend. I don’t know the solution to the American problem though


        • More education, less indoctrination, would be a good start. That is an uphill battle though.


          • That is an uphill task especially given what I read in the news about homeschooling or parents wishing to have ID taught in schools. It is crazy my friend


            • The thing is (and I am sure there is a chart somewhere to show it) that the religious home school solely because kids get exposed to real science in public schools, that makes the fundie parents uncomfortable. Because, well, real science is based on facts that don’t exactly jive with a creationists perception of reality.

              So, these creationists home school their kids, basically to keep them ignorant. As I am aware from accounts I have seen here and there, most home school science books, on the facts of evolution (the area that fundies are most nervous of) are either dumbed down versions that invoke that moronic so called theory of ID (or worse, use god as the cause). Or they only cover the most basic concepts, before hurriedly moving on. In both instances, like I said before, to keep them ignorant, or to keep them in line with the fundie preconceptions, without hopefully the children asking any questions. The thing that is scary, is this is by intent. Children ignorant of good science, become adults ignorant of good science, and continue the cycle. There was a 4th grade home school assignment that was publicized recently, absolutely atrocious. See here:

              This is what they want for their children. I am afraid to guess what they would do with the rest of us. Teaching children science in this fashion, should be considered child abuse, and punishable by law. If that is what they want to teach children in their churches, I would be ok with that as far as legality, but still consider it abuse of innocent minds.

              There is a reason those charts have a strong overlap. That reason is pretty obvious.


              • I should clarify that the science quiz was from a x-ian school, not a home school program, but the thing is, they get their resources from the same AIG.

                I should also clarify that there are many home schooled kids for lots of other reasons besides x-ian fundamentalism. Some of those people do teach their children good science. They are the minority but deserve mention.


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