Tragic Pa. Crash



While I am still dealing with the horrible reality that there are 6 dead in this crash, including 2 children that were occupants of the Jeep,  my stomach still has a sinking feeling of dread that is only now starting to fade…I cannot imagine the shock and pain of the surviving families, or what it would be like for something this awful to hit close to home. It is indeed unfortunate that things like this happen every day. My empathy goes out to the families.

Then while I am contemplating this incident, I realized, the Jeep is still recognizable as well, a Jeep. The Bonneville looks like it can be carted off in a wheelbarrow. I can’t fathom the forces or the angles of impact that would cause such a devastating crash. I can tell you though, if it ever comes down to me choosing to buy, or ride in a Jeep or a Bonneville, I’m picking the Jeep.



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