Well, how about that…? After 37 years of, and I quote: “undue suffering and judgment at the hands of the organization and the church as a whole.” The leader of Exodus International (an apparent religious reconditioning facility) has declared they are shutting the operation down.

Well you sure as hell don’t see that often, a X-ian group publicly apologizing for whatever atrocities they have committed and shutting down their concentration camps? I wonder what brought that on? I really kinda doubt it was a result of rational introspection and a desire to try and correct some terrible injustice. Because history tells us that just doesn’t happen, and people with religion stuffed up their orifices don’t seem to know what rational introspection even means…

I would really like to know what is behind this radical change of behavior. Dollar to a doughnut says, as history does tend to show us, that someone or someones high up in the churchy administration got caught with their pants down, and not with a member of the opposite sex. Perhaps on a mind boggling scale. I do hope further details soon emerge from this, there is just something odd about the whole thing. Maybe I am overly suspicious, maybe it is what it appears to be on the surface. I fear however, that there is much to this story that we just don’t know yet.

X-ians, persecuting, oppressing, and generally abusing people with no remorse for 2000 years…well maybe that is changing, the Catholic church did apologize for their treatment of Galileo a while back. But one incident and a maybe, does not a trend make.

Just for the record, I’d like to announce that I am not gay. I do however support any persons desire to pursue whatever sexual orientation they prefer, or to pursue mixed race relationships, or to just be themselves, and it is none of my business, or anyone else’s as to what goes on between consenting adults, in bedrooms or motels or in the backseats of cars anywhere*…well unless it is my driveway, then we would have to talk. You gotta be smarter than that…I know the back roads and out of the way place around here as well as anyone, I am sure I can direct you to a better spot.

* Unless you are some bible thumping jackass, or  politician, or self inflated smug sort of hypocrite, that can’t keep his pecker from getting caught somewhere it shouldn’t be. Then it’s open season.

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