New Study Indicates I Might not be a Narcissist

Heck, I thought I might be getting close to borderline narcissism what with having a blog to play with, but blogs aren’t even on the radar of this study. Apparently Facebook is the mirror for middle aged adults, and Twitter is a megaphone for late teens to college students. Shucks, I don’t even have a Twitter account, and my Facebook experience lasted all of 3 days.

As far as the study, heh… tell me something I didn’t know already. Seems to me like younger girls these days all have some sort of narcissism  complex, based on the total lack of respect for their parents or each other…and the young guys all seem to be vying for some sort of street cred as indicated by pants that are down to the knees, caps on sideways, tough guy attitudes and the use of a lingo incomprehensible to anyone outside their in group. As well as sharing the lack of respect for parents.*

…and get off my damn lawn!

* There are of course exceptions to my wide spread of the brush. I have seen some well behaved, mannered kids here and there, so it ain’t all bad. The bad though, seems to outweigh the good by a large margin. I can only hope that with life experience to broaden understandings and imprint a little wisdom, that some can grow out of it…and I’m sure many will. After all, much the same was going on when I was kid too, just different times and different faces in the crowd.

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