Evolution, “It’s Just a theory”

Recently I stumbled across a blog here (wordpress) that offered some opinion on the insidious Westboro Baptist Church. In the comments there is yet another of the multitudes that have no idea what a scientific theory is, let alone what the word theory means in that context. A comment  there:  “Actually, evolution isn’t a fact. It’s called a theory and it’s one that hasn’t been proven.”

You see this a lot in internet land, a wild misconception that is so easily explained, yet so widely used you almost have to think it is done on purpose. The only other option is that people who use this lame ass lie are mind numbingly ignorant. Either way, it goes a long way to illuminating the  mind of a creationist.

I could not overpower the urge to comment, so I did, and here is my reply:

“Bzzzzt! Wrong. Evolution only has 150 years of facts supporting its “Theory”

X-ians, please learn the definition of a scientific theory.

The scientific theory definition is basically “an explanation that best fits the evidence” This explanation can be revised upon the addition of new facts. Which is something you will never have. A scientific theory can also have strong predictive power, you know, being grounded in reality and supported by multiple lines of evidence. Science does not pretend to know everything (unlike religion) and is constantly striving to learn more about the world we live in, and places beyond. (also unlike religion, you just happen to have all the answers you think you need) A scientific theory is as close as you can possibly get to understanding a subject.

The layman’s definition of theory goes something like this: Billybob’s theory of why his tire is flat, is that Bigfoot came along and sucked the air out of it.

Now can you spot the difference? Given the level of disconnect I’ve seen this deep in the comments…I don’t have much hope of your answers being a “yes”. Please, please, learn to distinguish the difference here.This misunderstanding of the the use of the word theory, is far too commonplace. So much so I have to wonder if it isn’t intentional.”

I also did a follow up reply referring to another comment:

“There are plenty of Biblical scholars that have created tons of resources in support of the Biblical account of creation. It’s fascinating to study and I highly recommend it.” and…”Related to evolution, there’s plenty of science and math that disproves this.”

My reply: 

“So where is this fascinating information you keep jabbering about?
The “plenty of math and science that disproves this”? Show us where you are getting your information.

Dollar to a doughnut its AIG*, or the DI*. Both institutions dedicated to the keeping of the wool pulled over the rube’s eyes, with bogus scientists pretending to do science stuff. If they were really doing any science, where are the results? Where do they show the science they have done? What methods did they use to reach their conclusions? What credentials do their “scientists” have? Oh right…they don’t really “do” science, that stuff is too hard, all they do is stand on the sidelines proclaiming to know better than real scientists, and scream about how evolution cant work because (insert discredited mumbo jumbo here)

There is so much evidence to support evolution, that any genuine scientist will tell you that the theory, is a fact, Jack. AIG and the DI, are whats known as damage control.

Couple of questions: are you a YEC? Did man co-exist with dinosaurs? How old is the earth? Is the earth the center of the universe? Does the sun orbit the earth? Is the sky held up on 4 pillars? Do you believe that germ theory and the theory of gravity are just “theories”? Did you know that real scientists recently proved that there was never a genetic bottleneck of just 2 people? Were fossils put there to test your faith? Are fossils really as old as scientists say they are, or is there an issue with the dating technique? Why is it that every year a new flu vaccine has to be developed? Why do antibiotics lose their effectiveness? Is it plausible for a man to live inside a whale for 3 days? What is the secret behind steel* chariots and the resistance they have against god’s magic powers? Do you take medicine when you get sick, if so why? Is there an issue with the speed of light changing over time? Do you wear cotton blends? Do you know what rationalize means? I could go on and on, but that should be enough for your head to explode. Unless of course the CD is fully developed, then you will be fine.” …and I added this to address the OP: “Oh and the WBC is a fine example of the poison that is religion.”

In conclusion, the only people who would conflate the meaning of the word theory, are either hopelessly ignorant, or deliberately doing so in the hopes  the former will never bother to actually look it up and learn for themselves. This is a common condition apparently, and those that would take advantage of it, do so often. Authoritarianism, a topic for another day.

Here is the blog in question: http://faithfullydoubting.wordpress.com/2013/04/21/westboro-baptist-the-best-christians/

I said in a blog post recently something about NOT participating in an activity that can reduce your IQ by 50 points. Using either link below can most assuredly have that effect. Do so at your own risk.

*AIG :  www.answersingenesis.org

*DI:     http://www.discovery.org  

* I meant iron, instead of steel…

2 thoughts on “Evolution, “It’s Just a theory”

  1. Yep. The religion of the know-it-alls is a dying art form. I hope. Cheers 🙂


  2. I’m not sure if that comment is directed at me, or the people who made the comments I was railing about. Either way welcome to EBR 🙂

    I’m not sure why the DI link worked and the AIG link didn’t, but I really don’t care enough to bother trying to fix it.


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