The Power Of Shungite

So I’m channel surfing and see The Power of Shungite as a title of something, I wondered if it was perhaps some sort of fantasy sci-fi thing at first, and I hit the remote button to see what it was. I was sure surprised when two air headed women popped up on my TV, hawking some cheap jewelry with very uninspiring stones, set in some questionable looking silver, and they were spouting out more idiotic claims in one minute than an army of debunkers could shred in 3 days. “It’s like having an invisible electro magnetic radiation shield.” “When you wear it you can feel its energy.” “Healers use it.” “It slows the effects of AIDS.” and on and on and on…

My skeptical brain quickly went into self destruct mode, I had to get away from the TV, so I retreated to the safety of the computer. And I Googled Shungite, boy one bad idea after another!

I will leave you with a couple of links to peruse, please wear your tinfoil hats on this escapade, and don’t take any wooden nickels while you are out there πŸ˜‰

P.S. Someone please let me know when the hard scientific data shows up so I can then reconsider my position. “The Power of Shungite” indeed. I’m much more inclined to believe in the “Power of Bullshit!”


17 thoughts on “The Power Of Shungite

  1. Dungite would be more appropriate. The healing power of bullshit is a unique religious offering. Capitalize on illness and protection from evil. Sound familiar?

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  2. I did some looking on what it actually is, and it seems to be a form of metamorphosed oil shale. Not so mystical and impressive when you call it that.

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    • Thank you for doing a bit of research on the matter πŸ˜ƒ

      … and yes, calling it metamorphosed oil shale does take much of the mystique out of it. No high paying advertising job for you! (Seinfeld soup nazi reference 😜)

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  3. With the way healthcare runs in this country…we are going to need a lot more shungite. πŸ™‚

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  4. They claim “healing powers” for these rocks, but the FDA doesn’t bust them. I wonder why?

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    • Hell they said on the commercial, in plain easy to understand English, that these stones “slowed the effects of AIDS.” I almost fell out of my chair. You would think the FDA would drop a hammer on such claims, I have no idea why they don’t.

      Probably some obscure interpretation of the constitution…? Free speech = free stupidity, and it’s not our responsibility to clean up?

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      • The FDA in the time of Trump? Their only objection will be that Trump didn’t get in on this scam first.

        Even during Democratic administrations, people tend to get away with stuff like this for a long time before being busted. I guess the FDA is busy, or it may be difficult to build a legal case that intentional fraud is being committed.

        Shungite does have one genuine awesome power, though — the power to extract cash from idiots. But that’s just one more example of the power of bullshit.

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  5. Why do the tRump supporters seem more attracted to these things? In fact why do some people really fall for these scams? I wonder if it is just a need to believe in something , anything, that might improve their lives? Hugs


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