Such Good X-ian Folk

Read this for a stomach turning, I think I need some pepto moment.

I had heard of the incident and suspected they might be good damn x-ians. But did not know for sure till now. I wish I could say I am surprised, but I’m not. You see good x-ians can justify ANYTHING as long as they can twist it into acting on gods account. Just as they can easily justify horrific acts in their bible. You see it’s all ok, because…some fucking insane reason that makes no sense at all.

Pentecostals for clarification. Chaining some of those kids to their beds. Living in squalor. Forcing the children to memorize bible passages. Malnourished. Holding them captive. And the mother is perplexed as to police involvement? What planet are they living on?

My hat’s off to the 17 year old who had the courage to escape and alert the authorities. The only thing that concerns me is the general tendency for the court system to let people like this off with light sentences.


26 thoughts on “Such Good X-ian Folk

  1. I had to take a minute to get my temper under control. I have questions, the grand parents statements seem off. If you travel multiple times across the country to see your grandkids and can’t get even an address, then it is time to call someone, hire an investigator, take action. Even if the parents claim a reason the grand parents shouldn’t see the kids a social services agency has the right to investigate. This situation was developing in front of them. The oldest was 29. No one demanded to talk to an adult person but let the parent deny that? I am sorry to say I think something more is going to come out on this. Hugs

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    • You are right. The grandparents should have had enough sense to know something was off. Any reasonable person with any reasonable intelligence would.

      Though Hanlons razor comes to mind. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

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  2. Religion breeds a fear that is acted out on the young. Some people just demand their way of life on the littles. Sick fucks. Those bible verses sure come in handy.

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    • Jim, I agree. It seems the more strict, the extreme the religious belief , the more they try to force kids into it. All of these religious groups try to get to the kids, but some go farther to actually harm the kids. I am thinking of groups that regularly spank, hit, beat their children even if the children have done nothing wrong because they think the bible tells them to do so. I read of one group that felt it was OK to hit and paddle babies so they wouldn’t move off a blanket. I think this is clearly child abuse, and studies have found children treated like this have a worse time in society and adjusting emotionally. Hugs

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      • I think most of the “discipline ” that is dished out is 90% religious reasoning. What is wrong with hitting a kid if it will make them behave? It is the Christian way. Even killing savages was better” for them to die than not know god” that was a quote from a minister that traveled with Columbus when they were testing the sharpness of their swords on the natives. No harm there right? Jeezus

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      • Spare the rod, spoil the child, amirite? I lived next door to a Pentecostal family when I was a kid. There was a lot of unspeakable shit going on there. I never really knew what, but I could tell from my brief interactions with the children, I could tell something wasn’t right, but was too young to put my finger on it. I still do not know, you know, but I know something was off there.

        I wonder what ever became of those kids. How they fared in life. What they have told their counselors…

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      • It was a different time back then. People were less likely to inquire of a family or even look the other way because of the sanctity of the family home. Those things were not talked about or were covered up. No one challenged the priests or other religious figures hurting kids, and no one thought anything of a kid with bruises or broken bones if the parents could make a good story. In my case the adoptive parents told everyone I was clumsy, fell a lot, fell off my bike, they told the school I “bruise easy”. Today these would be serious red flags, but back then it was taken at face value. Hugs


      • Now I’m pissed. Glad to know the Scottie I know. Hugs man.

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    • In many cases that is true, but in this case “their way of life” was not being chained to a bed, underfed, and all of the other crap those particular kids had to endure.

      Even in more moderate religious homes there is a lot going on I would disagree with and go so far to call it criminal. Indoctrination by unrelenting assault with a bible and however many beatings it takes to get the child to say what the parents/cult leaders want to hear should be punishible by law.

      A lot goes on behind closed doors, even in houses you might never suspect it. This case highlights that reality.

      I can remember many incidents as a youth encountering individuals who suddenly realized they had said too much, or divulged some tidbit they should not have and abruptly go home. Or others that would say things like” I really have to be home by x-0 clock” with a terrified look in their eyes. I was too young then to understand. I get it now.

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      • I’ve seen it too. One of my few regrets in life was following a bishops council when I reported abuse. I let it go. Those kids couldn’t read or write and had scars. I’ll never let it slide again. Nothing worse than an anti government homeschool Mormon family. At least in my experience.

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      • Amazing that this stuff is more common than we really realize. I’m in agreement, if I become aware of any of the kind of things I have seen as a kid, I will make the phone call.

        The problem is I saw this stuff when I was a kid, interacting with other kids, and had no idea what exactly was wrong, or how to explain it to an adult.

        As an adult I don’t interact with a lot of kids. Some sort of irony there.

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      • I missed the little fact that you were told to fuggetaboutit. I guess the Catholics got nuttin on the Mormons…

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      • It was a prominent family in leadership positions. I should’ve brought those fuckers down. But alas… I was but a lowly sheep 🐑. Baaaa


      • I’m glad you came around Jim. I think that sheep has grown some horns and has been putting them to good use.

        I am sure there were many others that saw what you saw, and were likely encouraged to forget it. So don’t beat yourself up about it. I saw a lot of stuff too as a kid, that I didn’t know how or who to speak to. There is a culture of “as long as it isn’t affecting you, don’t get involved.” For things to get better, we need to get involved.

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      • I was their home teacher. I went for a visit and they had the 7 year old girl tied with her legs up to the framework of the kitchen table with nylons. I said what’s this? The father said she was being “strong willed”. I reported it to the bishop and his advice was we can’t control what goes on in everyone’s homes. Personal parenting choices. And considering the stature of the family I was advised to let it rest. Never again. And I learned a little later when I became a paramedic at 38 that I actually had a duty to act. Same with clergy. He was wrong. I don’t beat myself over it. But it’ll never happen again!


      • Wow. Strong willed gets you tied to the table. In most normal homes you lose your phone or playstation access (or whatever you are into at the time) for a day or two.

        “But it’ll never happen again!’ That works for me. 🙂

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    • Even if this is the only story like this out there at the moment, it is enough to boil ones blood.

      There are hundreds more stories similar to this that will never see the light of day. I wonder if a spine chilling reality does anything to alleviate boiling blood?

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  3. Religious or not … there is simply NO EXCUSE for parents to treat their children this way. They may, in their own minds, justify their actions via the bible or their own personal interpretation of their (over-zealous) faith, but that does NOT in any way excuse their actions. There are hundreds and hundreds of other “weirdo” believers in this world and while they may do things that are frowned upon by non-believers (and even other Christians), they don’t raise their kids in these kind of conditions. A very sad situation.

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  4. I am commenting so I’ll get your posts again! 🙂


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