Trump Would Get My Vote…

If he was running for sewage inspector.

I just heard on my local news that Trump is carrying my home state of Tennessee in the polls. Another of many good reasons to move the hell out of here and leave these crosseyed jeebus loving rednecks to their own devices, and their sisters.

In all of my years, and there have been a few, I can’t remember a presidential election that was this terrible. I mean yes, it’s almost always a choice between a douche bag and a shit sandwich (South Park reference) but this year it isn’t just that. It is a choice between a fricking reality TV character who is rich beyond our wildest dreams, a bigot, a racist, a misogynist, a liar, a fraud, a tax adjuster, a con man, a bully, a compulsive nitwit, the list just gets longer every day. And, a career politician who just happens to be female, wife of a former president, a democrat, and for many reasons I don’t even understand given these circumstances, not all that popular with the general public.

I really feel of the choices, and I agree they are both not that great… One of these people is worse than the other for our country, for our people, and the world at large, by an order of many magnitudes. I’m not going to say who, I think most of us can figure that out.

But the thing is I am left wondering, who in the hell in their right mind, thinks Trump is going to do anything to better our country? Given his character I can tell you the only thing he would accomplish is to further divide the gap between the wealthy and the not so wealthy. He would stack the deck so that he and other rich cronies like himself will be laughing all they way to the bank for the next millenia. That is if he doesn’t go whacko and make the U.S. the new Nazi state (“papers please”) or decide on a tweet that it’s a great idea to nuke everybody.

Are my wife and I, and a few of my blogging pals the only people who can see this? Where are the rest of us? Why in the hell is Trump carrying any state in the polls? How the fuck can this even be happening in a sane and rational world? Am I going to wake up in the morning and be told it was all just a new episode of the Twilight Zone? Please, please, please, let that be the case. I don’t think there is enough alcohol in the state of Tennessee to console myself and the wife if Trump wins this. I don’t think it will really happen, but this is so bizarre I am having trouble ciphering between reality and some dark bizzaro world fantasy.

Help Me! Send booze! Send money! I may need to move to Canada with Nan!


26 thoughts on “Trump Would Get My Vote…

  1. I wouldn’t even vote for him for sewage inspector. I like sewers that actually work, and I don’t think he could be trusted to act in the public interest. He’d probably sell the sewers to Russia, by himself another yacht with the proceeds, then write off the whole thing as a loss on his taxes.

    I keep shaking my head, wondering why the right wing can’t see through this orange troll. Isn’t he everything they have always said they hate? He’s twice divorced, he runs casinos, he’s faking devotion to religion, and the thing he’s most devoted to is his own ego. When the religious godbots say to us “You just want to be your own god!” I now say “Look at Trump. That’s what it looks like when somebody wants to be their own god.”

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    • Trump IS his own god. He will fix EVERYTHING! In the first few hours of being elected. “Bullieve Me”

      Every time he thinks he has made a point “Bullieve me”

      He has a plan for defeating ISIS. “So what’s the plan?” His big plan is to consult with the generals to formulate a plan! SMH.

      Let’s not forget the wall he is building on Mexico’s dime. “Bullieve Me”

      The guy is a disgusting con man dressed up in a nice suit. On that you can believe me πŸ™‚

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  2. Trump IS sewage so he’d be biased whilst inspecting it. Any working class person who votes for this non-tax paying, draft dodging, Putin-loving, narcissist is, in the words of Ben Franklin, an idjit. He’s a horrid human being. I’m praying to Zeus that he doesn’t win. That would truly suck.

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  3. Yes! Yes! Yes! To everything you wrote!

    I’m beginning to think I’ve been transported to an alternate reality. SURELY, this isn’t real life.


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  4. Those evangelicals who are supporting Trump are doing so because he closely resembles the god they are loyal too, Yahweh.

    After reading what he said about our veterans with mental health issues, i.e., PTSD, I had to fight back the tears. Veterans are reluctant to seek help because of a stigma of being thought of as being weak. We have Trump to thank for exacerbating that stigma.

    Studies show that about about 50% of veterans with PTSD don’t seek help. At least 20 veterans commit suicide every day. As Biden said, Trump is so thoroughly and completely uninformed. IMO, so are those who are voting for him.

    Just when I thought he couldn’t stoop any lower. 😦


    • The guy is lower than an outhouse at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.

      Yes, I can see the resemblance to a god. I just mentioned in another comment Trump Is his own god. So, it all makes sense in a fashion, no wonder the RWCRFM’s love him.

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  5. I will send booze. I hope that helps.
    From his success in running his businesses, I think your sewer would fail many times than you would like


  6. Here in Sweden we watch all this with a sort of… fascination for the bizarre.
    If we laugh it’s in disbelief.
    I have many US friends who actually have started taking steps “in case Trump wins”.
    Plans for moving out of the US and so on.

    I’m one of those cynical bastards that will sell popcorn at ringside if this shit goes south.
    If he wins I’ll give him one week and then he will have offended so many countries that there will be consequences.

    He’s like a male Sara Palin without the looks. πŸ™‚


    • Bizzare is the word that keeps coming up. And yes if we laugh it is somewhat in a disconnected sense of wtf?

      I wish I were in a better position to just up and move out of the country, but the reality is that is a huge undertaking to achieve, with many variables. Not the least of which is tied to a mortgage, a kid in school, and the wifes work as a nurse. I wish moving was as easy as it was when I was 20.

      But just in case, you have room in Sweden for a family of four?

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      • Sure, you can even bring relatives and have your own house! πŸ™‚
        House prizes where I live are ridiculous.
        My house (and all the land with it) is around $12000.
        I’ve got massive amounts of land. Including a small forest, a mountain, fruit trees, berries of all kinds and a few more houses.

        It’s in the middle of nowhere and nearest neighbour is 2 kilometres away. There are no jobs up here, that’s why it’s so cheap.
        I have to fly down to work. Airport and train are about 15 minutes away.

        So, when it all goes south you bring your folks and have a loooong vacation here. πŸ™‚


  7. I think this really is all just a backlash against “the establishment.” I think people are so tired of how convoluted and partisan politics are, that they’d elect ANY non-politician to office. Donald Trump happened to come along at the right time in history. Any other election and the man would be toast.

    There’s a large number of people in this country who think government can never do anything right, and everything should be run like a business, for profit. That kind of thinking naturally leads to a candidate like Trump or Romney.

    Really, though, the people to blame for this are the officials in the Republican party. Once they enacted the “Never ever cooperate with Obama on anything no matter how good it is for the country” plan, they drove the final nail into the “Washington is broken” coffin. If they had just compromised some more on a few things, maybe people wouldn’t be so angry at establishment gridlock.


    • You make an excellent point sir. The “Never ever cooperate with Obama on anything” plan did break something that already needed fixing. As soon as Obama was in office nothing of note (that I can think of off the top of my head) got accomplished. At least not in a “lets work on this together” context. It has been divided right down party lines. Our gov’t should be ashamed of themselves. But they don’t have the decency to do so.

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