Let’s Play Fill In The Blank!

There is a small town I have to drive through often, and there has been this sign glaring at me for a long time. If I was the kind of guy that might, oh I don’t know, prepare some stencils and grab a can of red paint, to commit some cheesy vandalism, (I highly doubt I would, but I have thought about it, such is the what I am…) what would I paint in on this enormous blank spot?


I have thought of two, “Be proven non existent” and ” “Be a real zombie” Anyone want to play?

On a side note am I the only one that really does not like the recent WP changes? I had a helluva time just finding my dashboard…



18 thoughts on “Let’s Play Fill In The Blank!

  1. “You can’t sing melody and harmony at the same time. Jesus can!” I, too, hate the new WP changes. I wish they’d STOP doing that. “You can’t get WP to stop making changes. Jesus can!”


  2. Lol! maybe WP needs jeebus to come work for them then. This shit is getting irritating.


  3. You can’t make poop taste like chocolate. Jesus can! $Amen$ I can do this ALL day! What a great game.


  4. You can’t sneeze, burp, fart and cough all at the same time. Jesus can.


  5. What changes?


  6. I would pay $2.50 to see that πŸ™‚


  7. They are coming for you JZ! They already got me and the Divine One.


  8. Eeek! Do you mean this Beep thing? The other day i turned my entire post to Portuguese. Have no idea how that happened.


  9. Cheap bastard πŸ™‚


  10. They changed up my entire login format. It’s all different. Things have moved from where I was comfortable finding them, to damn near hidden.

    The Create a New Post thing is different to, but I fumbled through it fairly quickly.


  11. Did the same shit to me. Bastards.


  12. How about “condemn people to everlasting torture” or “pretend to be a mortal when you are an immortal being and then pretend to ‘die’ and then ‘live again.'”


  13. You mean there are some new WP changes?
    Jeebus can do nothing. That sign post is wrong


  14. Hey, I like those πŸ™‚

    Please, no one send me paint and stencils for x-mas!


  15. At least a couple of us have seen some changes, yes. Sorry to report the bad news. For some it apparently hasn’t been imped yet.

    …and wrong works.


  16. good one Steve


  17. You can’t, “and although of it’s no actual help to you”, Jesus can. lol

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