Pastor With Aids Refuses To Step Down, After Sleeping With Church Members

In a case of blatant misconduct, that should damn well result in charges being filed…

An Alabama pastor who knew he had AIDS and slept with multiple (no good number named as of yet) parishioners, among other claims of misconduct, who was voted out of the church…has the audacity to refuse to step down. I am not sure how that kind of stuff works, but I am hopeful that his next preaching job will be from his shiny new cell in the state pen.

Anyone knowing full well they are HIV positive, keeps that to themselves, and sleeps around is IMO guilty of attempted murder. There are other all too common claims of misuse of funds, and taking drugs as well. You often see these more mundane activities from the faithful, indicating some sort of morality issue.

I thought they were supposed to have cornered the morality market?

I apologize for not yet knowing how to copy/paste a link on a Kindle. They do abound on this story.




7 thoughts on “Pastor With Aids Refuses To Step Down, After Sleeping With Church Members

  1. I think it is a punishable offence this side of the globe to knowingly infect someone with AIDS/HIV


  2. In the USA it is. I know someone who did this and they were locked up for… 20 years? They were in for as long as I can remember, and got out pretty recently.


  3. Problem is pastors, politicians, and the very wealthy tend to have get out of jail free cards.

    It is no doubt illegal, and a punishable offense. As well as a case study for religious morality.

    Painfully ironic when the keepers of the so called morals get caught with their pants down.


  4. It’s more sad than funny at this point. I’ve heard so many stories that they barely even faze me at this point.


  5. Oh, I am sure it must be. But our legal system only works well against those that cannot afford good representation.

    Sorry for the slow reply, wife still in the H. It was determined upon exploratory surgery that she had an abcessed appendix. Lots of pus pockets, inflammation, and misery. She appears to be on the mend, which is great. After 11 days of this H I am about to go freaking stir crazy.


  6. I wish her quick recovery.


  7. Thanks Mak, I will pass your well wishes along.


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