Free Floating Planet


A planet has been discovered floating free in space, not attatched to a star. This is the first discovered with this distinction.

Over the last few years, quite close to 1000 planets have been found orbiting other stars besides our sun. Which is really cool. That was to be expected, stars form in nebulous clouds of gas and dust, just as our sun did. It also stands to reason that most stars, would have planetary systems as we do. The investigation in the matter proves conclusively that this is so. Science for the win!

It has also been suggested that during the planet forming stage, or just after, when the orbits are being worked out, that the possibility exists that a fledgling planet could be flung out into space. Again scientific investigation, lends credence to the idea. This looks like a smoking gun to me.

Moral of the story, science is working diligently every day to test new ideas. When these ideas are confirmed, it is cause for a moment of celebration. Then when that moment passes, new questions arise, which need looking into, and that is why science is awesome! There is no end to inquiry, there are standards to be met, there is no room for bias or preconceptions, there is a never ending investigation into the why and the how, it is this desire to learn that makes an (yep, I’m gonna do it) Evidence Based Reality the king of the school of thought.

On a personal note, I was out last night with the big gun (12.5″ telescope) observing Uranus and Neptune. There is nothing quite like looking at a planet that is very close to 2 billion miles away (Uranus) and close to 3 billion miles away (Neptune) and seeing them with your own eyes. I also took time to look at a few deep sky objects one of which being the Andromeda Galaxy and it’s companion galaxies, The Ring Nebula was spectacular at nearly 300x, then I just dropped in a low power wide field eyepiece and just cruised the Milky Way for a while. It was fun, you should have been there 🙂


American Adults Do Poorly On A World Wide Test

Which lends credence to my theory that many of the people I encounter are dumb asses.


Now look at this chart:


Now please note the correlation between the two. In the first chart Japan, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and Norway are the highest rankings in the test.(Australia is strangely absent from chart two)

The second chart indicates a ranking of countries that accept the facts of evolution. Please note that all of the countries in the first chart appear in the top 12 of the second chart. Except for Australia which has been noted.

The United States, is at least…consistent.  Now let me extrapolate a conclusion. The reason people would reject the facts on evolution would be perhaps based on religious values? Ok, no more beating around the bush. Religion makes you stupid. Oh, look, another chart!


Again, please note the correlation between the first two charts and this one. Nuff said, I am done here.

Things That Really Tick Me OFF (Episode One)

In no particular order:

Breaking a shoestring on the way out the door.

Coming home from a really long day at work, dragging ass, damn near exhausted, looking forward to a shower, and for whatever reason the family has drained a 50 gallon hot water heater dry.

Locking the keys in the car. Added bonus, needing to call a locksmith.

Realizing you missed your exit on the interstate, and the next exit is like 20 damn miles.


Drivers that hold me hostage by not using turn signals to indicate they are turning in, where I am pulling out from.

Creepers, drivers that never really stop at a stop sign, as I am heading in their direction at 60 mph. Causing me to react by slowing down, because I don’t know what their intentions are. It would help us both if they would just stop.

People who are incapable of admitting they could be wrong about anything.

Getting good and lathered up in the shower, and the power goes out. (wells run on electricity)

Stubbing my toe.

Reality TV.

Drama Queens.

Realizing that I did not create a backup disk, when my laptop malfunctioned, had to format. This after many many times of the computer reminding me to make a backup disk.

AT&T Been paying 40 dollars a month for a phone that can call about 10 miles. Finally gave the finger to At&T, and said bye bye.

Riding mower broke down. Fixed it, flung a rock through the storm door window. No way to replace window, new door 250 bucks. Also same day, flung a rock and busted the drivers side mirror on my truck. Murphy is a S.O.B.

Thinking I can get away with a quick spot weld without the hood, and blind my eyes with an accidental arc.

Seeing people use the word accident. 9 times out of 10, an accident is the result of someone doing something stupid…see above.

Light bulbs that get stuck in the fixtures and break when you try to remove them.

Moles. Little bastards have been terrible this year.

How every time an Arab sneezes, the price of gas goes up, instantly.

How when the cost of oil goes down, the price of gas lags way behind and is slow to drop.

Tobacco. I smoked for many years. Not till I had quit did I realize what a nasty habit tobacco is, in all of its forms.

That will do for now, how about you?