Weirdness on the Internet

I am used to internet ads on the sites I visit often being related to a Google search or a website I was at, or a topic discussed somewhere. You know, if you say… look at a telescope on a vendor site, you are hounded by telescope ads everywhere you go. I get that. I have come to terms with it.

Yesterday I was replying to a post on a blog about of all things, scents. A word I was going to use, and was unsure of how it is spelled, prompted me to type in “po pourri” in a Google search, knowing that my guesstimate of a word I seldom use let alone have need of typing, would be self corrected by Google and a link would probably pop up with the correct spelling. Here is the kind of links that popped up. Ads for:


Now every page I visit, has these stupid Poo Pourri ads on them. Next time I will use: 

Live and learn.

5 thoughts on “Weirdness on the Internet

  1. Haha! Or just buy a dictionary, there will be no adds from a paperback 😛


  2. I have a Home/Office Webster’s dictionary on the desk, it is rather limited sometimes, so I figured it had a high probablity of not having “potpourri” in it…just looked, it’s in there. Now let me see if I can figure out how to kick myself in the ass 😉


  3. If you manage to do that, please send a photo, it may be useful for future reference!


  4. My favorite part of that ad is thinking about what the casting call for the actress probably looked like. “Small business seeks attractive 20-something female to sit on toilet for ad campaign concerning how poop ruins relationships.”


  5. Ha! I’m not sure how I would take it, as a potential candidate, when they proclaimed “you are perfect for representing our product!”…Yay!, hey wait a minute…


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