Yeah, They Called It The Dark Ages


This is from the same people that I did a piece on a while back. Perhaps you recall the “Lisa Davis, In Jail for Christ” sign? These people would praise their gods all the while they were oppressed. They would burn the heretics and witches. They would glady torture, maim, and kill those different from them. They would rejoice drenched in the blood of their enemies and their enemies would be many.

Either they know not what they do, or they are total friggin deranged lunatics. Either way I am sure they see themselves however, as pious pillars of the community.


I See Dead People

In my dreams, occaisionally. Last night was one of those moments. As I write this the snow is piling up outside, after a dose of icing last night. Had to get out in near blizzard conditions to get the wife to work this morn. She is a nurse and duty always comes before the weather. Good thing I still have my heavy duty 3/4 ton 4WD truck from my days of hauling boats and shells all over the place. Also a good thing I have new tires. It was bad out and getting worse. Supposed to get anywhere from 8 to 10 inches today.

Anyway about the dream. There was this girl I knew back where I grew up. We went to grade school together, as did all of the kids in the neighborhood. We all kept seeing each other year after year, growing up together. The girls name was Josephine Durbin, we called her Jo for short, and she was the first girl friend I had. Not girlfriend, but girl friend if you get my meaning. We were pals for a long time, and I must admit I did have a little thing for her, but it never went anywhere.

Eventually I moved out of the area, and never saw her again. I found out many years later after talking to an old friend in the neighborhood she had died. Of what I don’t know, but some sort of illness.

Now to the dream, I found myself in some house with many people around, and there she was. Not much different than I can remember. But I saw her and proclaimed “Jo!” We hugged briefly, and mentioned how we had missed each other, then as dreams are wont to be strange she asked me if I was ready to help remodel the kitchen. I remember being hesitant to take on such an unexpected job, but decided to look the kitchen over, and then just like that she was gone. I looked about for a moment, but knew this was dreamland and I probably would not see her again. About that time the wife was lightly shaking my shoulder to get up. The power had went out at some point, the alarm clock flashing away. We had slept in for 15 minutes.

This is not the first time I have seen dead people in my dreams, I have seen and talked to several family members gone, though it happens rarely. I always have this feeling of gratitude that I get to see them again, even if only briefly in a dream, but at the same time feel a great loss knowing they are gone and that dreams and memories are my only connection to these people. It affects me strongly when this happens, and my mood today is quite melancholy. I’m sure though life will kick me in the ass in a bit, and I’ll get back to my regular self.

Just wanted to share.

Quote of the Month

Damn this could be the start of something. I can perhaps feel the tug of the keyboard upon my fingers, even if only for a short burst. In any event my blog sloth is under an attack from both duty and desire. The QotM is back, this time with a quote from James Madison. Madison was our fourth president and had a busy hand in the writing of our constitution. Indeed he is considered the father of our constitution. Not only that but Madison basically set the stage for how our government operates.

For most of my regulars you all know this series is dedicated to the common trope that our nation was founded for x-ians by x-ians. This oft repeated lie you will hear echoing throughout our great land and beyond. It is my job, nay my duty to point out this little fallacy when I can.

Without further ado, our quote from James Madison :

“Experience witnesseth that ecclesiastical establishments, instead of maintaining the purity and efficacy of religion, have had a contrary operation. During almost fifteen centuries has the legal establishment of Christianity been on trial. What has been its fruits? More or less, in all places, pride and indolence in the clergy; ignorance and servility in the laity; in both, superstition, bigotry and persecution.”

Anyone with an eye for seeing beyond the facade that is religion can see that, but few could have said it better. It seems every time I do one of these I am struck by the way the truth was as evident then as it is now. Only those willing to shed the blinders of religion get to see that ugly and shallow truth.

My quote source:

A little more history on James Madison and the Virginia Plan that eventually morphed into what we see as our government today:



New Planet? In our Solar System?

At first I thought we are a long ways off from an April fools prank. This appears to be for real. A couple of Caltech researchers Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown, have formulated a very intriguing argument for another planet on a widely eccentric orbit, far beyond the Kuiper belt.

There are some known Kuiper belt objects that all seem to have a related orbit. After ruling out a couple of scenarios they found one theory that aligns with the evidence in hand. There is another planet out there.

As of now this is all theoretical, no one has observed this new planet. But there is a lot of evidence indicating it is out there. Stuff like this is what gets me up in the morning. I have said for decades that if you do not learn something every single day, you were not paying attention. These guys were paying attention. Even if this all gets washed away with upcoming observations or new evidence to the contrary. They were still paying attention, and using their skills to solve a solar system oddity. Click the link!


So I’m Watching The News Last Night

…and this ignorant ass story comes on about a guy who found a real live sign from god on his lawn. Now you should know the news ’round here almost always has some lame god bothering piece because, well, this is the south after all. But this one really stuck out like a sore pecker in a monastery.

This guy saw a rainbow, that was “apparently” touching his driveway. See here:


Now, that thar rainbow appears to me to be quite some distance from this guys yard, but let’s not let that ruin a sign from god.

Upon arriving home this guy (Eric) found an image of an angel holding a baby in his yard. See here:


Yes, yes I can see how everyone with an ounce of sense would interpret that as an angel holding a baby. Anyone who can’t see that must be some sort of baby eating atheist. I’m looking at you oh Divine One ;)

Now while this all seems a tad silly, and to be sure it is, but this is just the beginning of the story. Mr. Eric has a daughter that has had and I quote “several” miscarriages. Which in and of itself is quite tragic on a personal level, but let’s face it these things happen daily, and many people (even I) have been affected by this kind of purely natural event. I can relate, and I feel for anyone who has endured this kind of tragic loss. We find a way to cope.

But our good pal Eric? He took his daughter to some preacher to be prayed over, because every woman this guy has prayed over has had babies! That’s incredible folks! It’s almost like magic or something! Or perhaps it is a bit like praying for rain… Sooner or later you will get it right. Praying for something that is bound to happen eventually and claiming some sort of success is pretty damn cheesy if you ask me. And intellectually dishonest to boot.

I don’t know, it seems to me there are as many gods as there are religious people. Each and every person tries to interpret the world through the gods in their heads. This is surely evidence for that.

Just in case you think after such a long time with little or no posting from yours truly, and you thought just maybe I had to make something up to write about…








Let’s Play Fill In The Blank!

There is a small town I have to drive through often, and there has been this sign glaring at me for a long time. If I was the kind of guy that might, oh I don’t know, prepare some stencils and grab a can of red paint, to commit some cheesy vandalism, (I highly doubt I would, but I have thought about it, such is the what I am…) what would I paint in on this enormous blank spot?


I have thought of two, “Be proven non existent” and ” “Be a real zombie” Anyone want to play?

On a side note am I the only one that really does not like the recent WP changes? I had a helluva time just finding my dashboard…



Picture Day

It is high time I got off my butt and posted something. I have been meaning to post some pics, I’m always looking up because their is often cool stuff to see up there, I like nature too and get pics of critters when I can. Or if I just see something that interests me I try to get a pic of it. Let’s go.

First some interesting religion themed pics. The first one had some message they were trying to convey, but if you caught it at just the right time you got (“Hate Within”, cameras really do not like these digital signs):


This next one I just love. It is a church steeple, in a scrap yard!


Next up, one day after a strong storm moved through, this was the view of the clouds:


Spot the Buzzards!


This next one is a con trail that has decayed in a spiral fashion, I thought it was cool and got a pic.


Moon over a bean field.


This next one, the boys and I were fishing when this flock of birds flew in the bay. They were making quite an audible fuss, splashing about and carrying on, kinda hard to see them, a lot of these pics were taken on an iphone.


The next two are similar cloud formations, the second one was atop a pretty nasty storm.



Spot the squirrel!


This next one is strange, look for the dark streak moving vertically from close to the taller tower. I’m still not sure what this was, but I think it has something to do with a decayed con trail that left a dark streak in the sky.


Spot the dead deer with an atypical rack! This was shot through the windshield of the car (obviously).


I was about to go into a Lowes when I looked up and saw this.


Spot the rattlesnake! This little guy may have been 18″ long or so, small but deadly.


This one was just an interesting cloud shot.


Finally a rainbow from the front porch. Oddly enough we didn’t even get any rain…


That’s it till next time. I hope this post finds you all well. :)